Company Incorporation in Tambaram

Company Incorporation in Tambaram audit


Helping organizations from various sectors on Company Audit, Internal Audit, Management Audit, Statutory Audits and other Voluntary Audits.

  • Company Audit as one of the statutory audit is mandatory for   Company registration in India,   Audit Services in India . Accounts shall get audited from a Chartered accountant.
  • For an LLP audit of books of accounts is mandatory if its Capital exceeds Rs 25 lacs or if it’s Turnover exceeds Rs 40 Lacs.
  • Internal Audit is mandatory for certain companies if their turnover or borrowing exceeds the specified limit.

Statutory Audits

Under  various audits as required by statutory that can be under the income tax, under company laws, under banking laws, under GST laws, so this category has a huge scope under audit services in India.

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