GST Registration in Selaiyur

GST Registration in Selaiyur


GST Annual Return

GST annual return filing is mandatory for all organization having GST registration, irrespective of business activity or sales or profitability during the return filing period. Hence, even a dormant business that obtained GST registration must file Nil GST return.

Before filing GST annual return the taxpayer must have filed all GSTR-1 or GSTR-3B or GSTR-4 return for the period of  April to March. In case there are overdue GST returns for the above-mentioned period, the GST registration holder will not be allowed to file GST annual return.

GST Annual Return Types

  • GSTR-9: All GST registered organization are required to file GST annual return in form GSTR-9.
  • GSTR-9A:GST Composition Scheme under Goods and Services Tax (GST) are required to file GSTR-9A.
  • GSTR 9C is applicable who obtain an annual GST audit of their accounts. GSTR-9C must be prepared and certified by a Chartered Accountant or Cost Accountant. GST audit is applicable for person having GST registration with an annual aggregate turnover of above Rs. 2 crores in a particular financial year.


Registered organization are required to file 2 monthly returns and 1 annual return, in a year.

Organization have to file the GSTR-3B return every month providing details of sales and purchases made in a month. GSTR-1 return must be filed every month by businesses having an annual revenue of over Rs.1.5 crores/Having less than 1.5 crores of turnover required to file on a quarterly basis.

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GST Registration In Selaiyur

GST Registration in Selaiyur We are Selayur’s GST registered consultants. As a GST consultant, we support you in obtaining GST services, such as registration, transition from the existing tax law to GST-we support you in creating temporary IDs for GST registration and accompanying documents Password, apply for online migration, receipt of implementation of registration certificate under GST, and implementation of acceptance of new registration under GST. The government has not made the case public. 

filing, tax planning and other tax matters. Goods and services. The consumption tax law provides for several registration methods. This article aims to provide readers with information about who should register and other regulations related to registration. According to the company’s articles of association, the following persons are responsible for registration requirements.People with interstate taxable interests. The ultimate company that pays for taxable services. Non-resident companies. The taxpayer should deduct the person.

The taxable e-commerce operator’s government informs anyone else on the recommendation of the council10.People who provide online information and access databases (or search services). Anyone who is legally or voluntarily registered must obtain a permanent account (PAN) with the Income Tax Office. You need a TAN number (account number for tax collection and withholding). For each institution and multilateral financial institution notified by the United Nations system, the embassy abroad must receive a unique identification number (UIN).

Each state must apply for a separate GST registration. Once the registration is granted and is permanent, unless the registration is submitted or cancelled. You must collect your business information within 30 days from the tax day. Taxpayers, natural persons or non-residents must apply for registration at least five days before the start of the event. Registration related to prospective taxpayers or non-resident taxpayers: The registration certificate issued to prospective taxpayers or non-resident taxpayers is valid within the period specified on the certificate, or valid for 90 days from the date of registration.

Taxpayers can extend the specified 90-day period by up to 90 days. Potential taxpayers or non-resident taxpayers need to make advance payment when applying, and the advance payment is equal to the estimated tax burden of the designated person during the period. Cancellation of registration: any registration granted under this law. The competent authority can revoke it in accordance with statutory provisions. If someone requests cancellation of registration under CGST,we not only support you in registration, but also support you in conversion, tax reporting,

GST Registration In Selaiyur this will be regarded as mutual cancellation under SGST, and vice versa. GST (Goods and Services Tax) is the most anticipated tax reform since independence. The purpose of consumption tax is to ensure a uniform and predictable tax system nationwide, reduce the company’s compliance burden, make transactions transparent, and expand the scope of taxation.Speed ​​up the transportation of goods and balance the tax on goods and services. In short, he will implement a two-tier system of land and taxation.

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