Company Secretaries in Selaiyur

Company Secretaries in Selaiyur

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 We  are  a team of distinguished chartered accountant, corporate financial advisors and tax consultants in India. Our firm of chartered accountants represents a coalition of specialized skills that is geared to offer sound financial solutions and advices. The organization is a congregation of professionally qualified and experienced persons who are committed to add value and optimize the benefits accruing to clients.

Our organization aims to give  prompt professional accounting & financial consulting  service at reasonable fees. Adding value to the clients by developing & deploying effective solution. Providing consistent & practical solution to the clients with a personal touch & strive to support the service with highest level & professionalism efficiency and technology.

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Company Secretaries in Selaiyur

Company secretaries in selaiyur The company secretary is the highest position in any organization and is responsible for overseeing the effective management of the company. This person is also known as the company secretary, and they are required to ensure that the organization complies with all established laws and regulations. To join the organization as a secretary, you must pass the CS exam passed by the Indian Association of Business Secretaries. Students are divided into three levels. 

graduate students are divided into two levels, the former is senior, management and professional, and the latter is the only manager and professional. Some key scholars are offering various company secretarial courses in Zelayur, Chennai. All centers are conveniently located. Whether preparing an agenda for a company or following up on an agenda, the duties of a secretary are commonplace. Nowadays, as the demand for CS continues to grow, many of them are learning about company secretarial services.

Company secretary information. The company secretary of Selaiyur GST is India’s largest tax reform, which has significantly improved the business and increased the taxpayer base in India, including millions of small businesses. GST was launched in India on July 1, 2017.Under the new GST system, more than 1.3 million companies have been registered in India, and GST has been registered. By eliminating multiple taxes and integrating them into a simple system, tax complexity can be reduced. Submit 2 monthly reports and 1 annual report every year.

The organization must submit a GSTR-3B report every month, which lists sales and purchases within a month. Companies with annual income must submit GSTR-1 monthly. Quarterly application fee of more than Rs 5 crore / less than Rs 15 crore. Before the cancellation, the agent will send a notice to those who may cancel the GST registration and ask them to provide reasons within seven working days from the date of the notice.

After obtaining the consent of the central government and going through appropriate legal procedures. the council issued the710/1 (M)/1 (1410GI/14) dated April 1, 2014 in the Indian Bulletin, Part Three, Section 4 (Extraordinary). The notice amended the 1982 “Company Secretariat Regulations” to change the training structure for students of the company secretariat courses. The revised training structure applies to:-The company secretary (CS) is one of the company’s main positions and a seeker of the company’s conscience. A qualified company secretary was hired to handle the company’s legal issues.

Company Secretaries In Selaiyur executive courses and professional courses for all graduates and doctoral candidates (excluding visual arts) and those who pass the ICSI Foundation exam and if they pass the exam. Public accountant in India The Common Proficiency Test (CPT) of the Association Foundation or the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of India or India or other accounting institutions in India does not need to participate in the foundation for those staying abroad recognized by the board of the institution.

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